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2022-08-04China doubles down on its water infrastructure goals
2022-03-22The Latest Ranking of the World's Top 50 Water Industry Companies
2022-03-04Jacobs and Palantir partner on digital water O&M
2021-12-0314th 5-Year Industry Green Development Plan Announced
2021-11-05105 countries pledge 30% methane cuts by 2030
2021-10-09India launches $40 billion urban infra program
2021-08-26India eyes up water sector in monetization drive
2021-07-01House approves $715 billion transportation, water bill
2021-06-25Ingersoll Rand to acquire intelligent pump expertise
2021-05-242021 China Water Industry Size and Trend Prediction and Analysis
2021-04-12Veolia and SUEZ announce that they have reached an agreement on Merger
2021-03-19China unveils its new five-year wastewater roadmap
2021-03-19New Indian infra bank to boost water projects
2021-03-1214th 5-Year Plan: New WWTP of 20MM Tons per Day
2021-03-11$1.9 trln COVID stimulus to include water funding
2021-02-22State Council: Expand Green Industry
2020-03-01Gardner Denver Completes Merger With Ingersoll Rand Industrial Segment
2019-11-19Ecological protection and high-quality development in the Yellow River basin
2019-11-15The consensus of chief workers on the protection of Yangtze river...
2019-10-20Nitrogen pollution in China's water exceeds the safe limit
2016-03-21The water pollution crisis is "natural" OR "man-made"?
2016-03-1613th Plan: Try Harder to Protect Environment
2016-03-03Professor Wang: Energy Efficiency at WWTP Is No Small Matter
2015-01-05Overview of Wastewater Treatment in 2014
2014-12-19Focus: Environment Burden Close to Limit, Extreme Measures Needed
2014-12-10Beijing Publishes China's First Standard for Wastewater Treatment Energy Consumption
2014-11-27Current State & Development of Water Engineering in China
2014-11-12Water Ten will fuel MBR explosion
2014-09-11Activated Sludge: 100 [years] not out
2014-05-06MOHURD: Q1 Treated 10.9 Billion Tons of Wastewater
2014-04-24Trend in Water Industry
2014-04-23Bloomberg: Water Pollution More Dangerous Than Air
2014-04-142014 (9th) Water Treatment Industry Key Technology Forum
2014-04-07Clean Water Plan Brings RMB 2,000 Billion
2014-02-19MEP: 2,000 Billion To Deal w/ Water Pollution
2014-01-07Fujian Townships Plan Collection of WW Treatment Fees
2014-01-07Build a Concept WWTP of the Future
2013-12-24MOHURD: Every County/City Has a WWTP by 2015
2013-12-18Beijing Water Chief: Additional 200,000 Tons of Daily Capacity
2013-10-23U.S. Water Treatment Equipment Market Worth $13B by 2017
2013-10-15China Needs 40,000 Wastewater Treatment Plants. Where Are the Opportunities?
2013-07-20Minister Zhou: The Current Policy Benefits EP
2013-04-15Water Price Needs to be RMB 40 per Ton
2013-04-01Beautiful China Brings RMB 10 Trillion EP Investment in 10 Years
2013-03-27EPA: Over half of U.S. waterways in poor condition
2013-03-22Beijing: A City of a 20 MM Population but w/ Water of only 10 MM
2013-03-21Water Quality: An Ignored Global Crisis
2013-03-17Premier Li: Can't Sacrifice Environment for Development
2013-03-11Beautiful China Sets Up Golden Opportunity for EP Sector
2013-02-28In California, What Price Water?
2013-02-26Policy Propels WW Treatment Industry
2013-02-18Worries on China Underground Water Contamination
2013-01-29Siemens to sell its water technologies
2012-09-19China: running short of water
2012-07-14Wuxi - Xidong WW Pre-Process in Operation
2012-05-30Strategic New Industry Development Plan Approved - EE & EP Is Priority
2012-05-26New Sustaining Economy Development Plan Will Be Announced
2012-05-13Water Lessons - Singapore experiences
2012-05-12Water Answers - Searching for a cup of clean water
2012-05-11Water Secrets - History of Drinking Water
2012-02-29San Diego Taps Wastewater
2009-03-01GL-TURBO Breaks Monopoly to Improve Energy Efficiecy
2008-12-16Sewage That's Clean Enough to Drink
2008-12-16Sewage That's Clean Enough to Drink
2006-05-29Not a Drop to Drink?
1988-07-04Just Enough to Fight Over