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2021-12-07GL-TURBO To Make Industry's Biggest Turbo Blower
2021-11-25GPAC Raises Precision Aeration To New Level
2021-10-28GL-TURBO Starts Operation at Perm WWTP
2021-04-23GL-TURBO Precision Aeration System (GPAC) Debut at Shanghai IE Expo
2021-04-19GL-TURBO Formally Announces GA-Hybrid Turbo Blower
2020-12-11GL-TURBO Precision Aeration System (GPAC) In Operation at Chongqing Zhongxian Sujia WWTP
2020-12-02GL-TURBO Precision Aeration System (GPAC) In Operation at Wuxi Taihu Xincheng
2020-03-25GL-TURBO Drafted Standard for General Purpose Centrifugal Air Compressor
2020-02-16To Stay in Position Is to Guard Against the Pandemic
2019-10-10Latest Blower Test Code ASME PTC-13 Officially Published
2019-05-28GL-TURBO Set Up India Subsidiary in Bangalore
2019-04-08Czech Management Expert Mr. Richard Gattringer Joins GL-TURBO
2018-11-22GL-TURBO expand its business set-up in Europe by founding GL-TURBO Europe GmbH.
2018-08-13GL-TURBO CEO James Jin Participates 2018 Global Experts Summit
2018-08-04GL-TURBO CEO James Jin Visits India
2018-05-01GL-TURBO Starts Operation at Amagervaerket
2018-04-12GL-TURBO welcomed Bycirklen delegation from Denmark
2018-03-28GL-TURBO Passed ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015 Audit
2018-02-15GL-TURBO Officially Enters Indian Market
2017-12-01GL-TURBO Steps Forward in Europe
2017-11-30GL-TURBO Celebrates its 100th Customer
2017-10-05GL-TURBO Shines at 2017 WEFTEC
2017-10-01GL-TURBO Completed FAT for Singapore Ulu Pandan Project
2017-09-19GL-TURBO Welcomed 40 Water Professionals from Developing Countries
2017-07-11GL-TURBO Makes Further Inroad Into US Market
2017-05-19Russian Customers Visited GL-TURBO
2017-05-16GLTi Welcomed Chinese Water Delegation
2017-04-21GL-TURBO Enters Spanish Market
2017-03-28GL-TURBO Runs Well at La Porte
2016-11-07Danish Water Technology Group (DWTG) Opens China Office
2016-11-06GLTi Partcipated DWTG Meeting in Beijing
2016-10-31GL-TURBO Welcome Bycirklen Delegation
2016-10-29GL-TURBO Group Conducted Worldwide Training
2016-10-23GL-TURBO Runs at Gaobeidian WWTP
2016-09-29GL-TURBO at 2016 WEFTEC
2016-07-06GL-TURBO Starts EPC in WWTP
2016-06-29GL-TURBO Voted Most Valuable EP Brand
2016-06-29GL-TURBO Started Running at La Porte WWTP in Texas
2016-06-04GL-TURBO Debut 2016 IFAT Munich
2016-05-30IFAT Snapshot - Danish Minister for Business and Growth Visited GL-TURBO Booth
2016-04-08GL-TURBO Debut Asiawater 2016
2016-03-31New Milestone in Internationalization
2016-01-22GL-TURBO IPO On The Third Board
2015-10-21GLTi Opens at Scion DTU in Denmark
2015-10-01Industry Veteran Mr. Martin Carlsen joined GL-TURBO
2015-09-30GL-TURBO Exhibits at WEFTEC 2015
2015-09-01GL-TURBO China Is Renamed Jiangsu GL-TURBO Corporation
2015-08-08Industry Veteran Mr. Martin Carlson visited GL-TURBO
2015-04-242015 Q1 Sales Meeting Held in Wuxi
2015-03-25New Milestone - 200th Unit Sold
2015-01-15GL-TURBO got State Major New Product Certificate
2015-01-01GL-TURBO 2014 Patent Summary
2014-12-24Technical Manual for WWTP Operation, Maintenance & Safety Published
2014-10-01GL-TURBO at WEFTEC 2014
2014-09-27GL-TURBO Held Technical Session in Wuhan
2014-09-25GL-TURBO Held Q3 Sales Meeting in Beijing
2014-07-07GL-TURBO Held Q2 Sales Meeting in Wuxi
2014-07-06GL-TURBO Held Training Classes for Blower Operation
2014-07-03GL-TURBO Visit NMEDR - Tianjin
2014-05-22GL-TURBO at IE expo 2014
2014-04-142014-Q1 Sales Meeting Held in Guangzhou
2014-03-06Guangzhou Office Held Training Session for Sales Representatives
2014-01-16GL-TURBO Held 2013 Annual Meeting
2014-01-16Summary of Yearly Outward Bound Exercise
2014-01-01GL-TURBO 2013 Patent Summary
2013-12-29GL-TURBO New Plant in Operation
2013-11-20Mr. Jin met Nobel Laureate Peter Diamond
2013-09-19GL-TURBO Shines at Water-Tech Guangzhou 2013
2013-09-19GL-TURBO As Major WWTP Equipment Supplier
2013-08-10Mr. Jin met Academician Wang Yingluo
2013-07-27GL-TURBO Conducts Employee Training
2013-06-28GL-TURBO Guests Visit Impeller Vendor
2013-06-15GL-TURBO To Further MIT Cooperation
2013-05-16GL-TURBO Shines at IFAT 2013
2013-05-02GL-TURBO Donate to Ya'an Earthquake Victims
2013-02-21GL-TURBO Met With Impeller Supplier
2013-02-20GL-TURBO Met With Gear Supplier
2013-02-06CEO Mr. Jin Now China's 1000 Plan Expert
2013-01-30GL-TURBO Wins HURD Awards
2013-01-09GL-TURBO Sales Conference in Wuxi
2013-01-09GL-TURBO Held First Culture Training Session
2013-01-01GL-TURBO 2012 Patent Summary
2012-12-29Director Chen Visited GL-TURBO
2012-12-11U.S. Distributor Visited GL-TURBO
2012-10-12GL-TURBO Laid Foundation for Its New Plant
2012-10-01GL-TURBO Blowers Certified as High & New Technology Product
2012-09-30GL-TURBO Employees Shine at Skill Competition
2012-06-02CEO Mr. Jin Meets IEEE President-Elect
2012-05-11CEO Mr. Jin Speaks at Wuxi-MIT Conference
2012-05-01GLT Website Upgraded
2012-04-24CEO Mr. Jin Attends MIT Technology Conference
2012-04-20GL-TURBO Qualified by Chongqing Water
2012-03-29GL-TURBO Wins Patent Leadership Award
2012-03-10GL-TURBO Shines at IFAT 2012
2012-03-102012 IFAT Snapshots
2012-03-03GL-TURBO Completes Design of New Campus
2012-03-01GL-TURBO Has New Logo
2012-01-01GL-TURBO 2011 Patent Summary
2011-12-16CEO Mr. Jin Visits Chongqing Water Group
2011-10-01GL-TURBO Wins Wuxi Chengbei WWTP Project
2011-10-01GL-TURBO Opens Beijing Office
2011-09-27Sales Had Technical Training in Wuxi
2011-08-03GL-TURBO Recognized as High Tech Enterprise
2011-05-01GL-TURBO Opens Guangzhou Office
2011-02-19CEO Mr. Jin Wins 2010 Entrepreneurship Award
2011-01-01GL-TURBO 2010 Patent Summary
2010-08-02Mayor Mao Visits GL-TURBO
2010-07-15GL-TURBO Wins Private Owned Technology Enterprise Award
2010-07-01GL-TURBO Win Returnee Entrepreneurship Enterprise Award
2010-02-01CEO Mr. Jin Win Entrepreneurship Award
2010-01-01GL-TURBO 2009 Patent Summary
2009-10-23GL-TURBO Gets ISO 9001:2008 Certificate
2009-08-25GL-TURBO Visits WXMEDI
2009-06-24GL-TURBO Gets ISO 14001:2004 Certificate
2009-05-06GL-TURBO Wins Taihu New City WWTP Project
2009-04-27GL-TURBO Wins Luchun WWTP Project
2009-04-18GL-TURBO Becomes Member of China Compressor Association
2009-01-01GL-TURBO 2008 Patent Summary
2008-06-30GL2 Completes Assembly and Test
2008-04-25GL-TURBO's Design Approved by GTL