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Mastering blower control inside and out, GL-TURBO has successfully developed a precision aeration control system (GPAC) and used it in quite a few aeration control projects, winning accolade from industry experts and operators.

In its basic setup, GPAC achieves precision aeration control with only GL-TURBO blowers and DO meters. There is no need for valves, actuators, flow meters or pressure gauges. With minimal investment while achieving maximum result.

During plant upgrade, add 1 GL-TURBO blower to achieve precision aeration via its built-in GPAC.
The following upgrade deploys GPAC by using 1 GL-TURBO blower to control 2 existing HV-TURBO blowers.

Adjusting Frequency: every 12 minutes
Control Result:
      DO +/-0.5mg/L (100%)
      DO +/-0.2mg/L (99%)