2021 China Water Industry Size and Trend Prediction and Analysis

On May 24, the China Institute of Commerce and Industry released the "China Environmental Protection Water Industry Market Prospects and Investment Opportunities Research Report", the following is about China's environmental protection water industry trends:

1, industry development from capital-driven to technology and capital-driven

At present, environmentally friendly water projects pay more attention to the development and application of advanced technology. Industrial sewage treatment facilities, because the treatment of industrial sewage composition is more complex, treatment is difficult, the need to integrate a variety of process technology in order to achieve the stable standard of sewage discharge. Affected by water pollution, the raw water quality of high-quality water supply facilities is deteriorating, and the treatment process needs to be constantly updated to ensure safe water supply and the people's demand for high-quality water supply. The development of the environmentally friendly water industry has been transformed into a joint drive of technology and capital.

2, TEPS mode has gradually become an important model of industrial sewage treatment

At present, the sewage treatment of China's industrial parks mainly adopts the mode of enterprise pretreatment and centralized treatment of the park, sewage enterprises are responsible for the construction and operation of sewage pretreatment facilities, and third-party sewage treatment service providers are responsible for the investment, construction and operation of the park sewage treatment plant.

TEPS mode takes the total range balance as the main technical means, and is the optimized third-party treatment mode of environmental pollution. Total range balance is a brand-new concept of pollution control and water pollution control mode, the total amount of pollutant removal is determined by pollution source and emission index, while the degree of treatment and the distribution of treatment capacity in time and space and the corresponding route with the help of automation technology in the production process and waste water end treatment to establish a dynamic balance, so as to choose the most reasonable treatment process to treat different wastewater, to achieve the best technical and economic benefits.

3, the industry towards the path of intellectual development

With the development of information technology, Internet of Things technology and artificial intelligence, the environmental protection water industry is moving towards the intelligent development path of production intelligence, process equipment, equipment integration, monitoring data and management information. With the continuous development of innovative technology means, the future of the environmental water industry can achieve the integration of human society and environmental business systems, in a more sophisticated and dynamic way to achieve environmental management and decision-making, creative change of existing business models, and in intelligent equipment, intelligent services and many other fields, the breeding of huge market opportunities.