GL-TURBO Starts Operation at Perm WWTP

Three GL-20 single-stage centrifugal blowers which delivered from GL-TURBO to the sewage treatment plant in the Perm region of Russia. Russia were successfully started up and put into operation since September 1, with outstanding energy saving and stable operation. The customers are very satisfied! This is the affirmation of GL-TURBO's production and technology by international market, it's also another big step for GL-TURBO in Russia market.

Perm is one of the most developed regions in Russia. It is the industrial, scientific and cultural center of the Ural region. It is famous for its advanced industrial economy. Perm is also the largest industrial center in Russian Federation and the Perm border region. With its complete range of industries, it has made great contribution to Russian's industrial development system. With the development of industry, there are increasingly serious environmental problems. The local sewage treatment plant needs to deal with much urban and industrial sewage every day. For improving efficiency and quality, the sewage treatment plant carries out intensive sewage sedimentation treatment, and transforms the gas supply and distribution system to realize automatic air supply and regulation. And the air distribution system realizes automatic air supply adjustment. Among these, the single-stage centrifugal blowers provided by GL-TURBO play an important role in air supply and distribution and reduce energy consumption and cost of sewage degradation.